Taste of the old days

by - 9:18 AM

And I want these words to make things right
But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life
Who does he think he is?
If that's the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the key

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
One night, yeah, and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you, only sweeter, oh

Head: Catwa.  Catya
Ears: [MANDALA] Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Lotus. Grace eyes
Eyelashes: [okkbye] Dramatic & Fluttering Falsies
Hair: Truth. July VIP gift

Clothing & Accessories

Swimsuit: Mossu. We want Summer - Bikini - Blue (Available at Epiphany)
Glasses: Mossu. We want summer - Sunglasses - Gold (Available at Epiphany)
Bracelets: Ama. Beautiful Day Set (Available at Cosmopolitan)
Drink: Genesis Lab. We want summer - Ice-cream (Available at Epiphany)

Pose done by me
Song Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall out boy
Scene Summertime Backdrop by Astralia (Available at N21)

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